iFRAME - for the European Commission's Joint Research Centre
A meta-framework to assess social impact across multiple areas of social services

EngagedX was appointed by the European Commission to:

  • provide a methodological framework for assessing the social impacts created across multiple areas of personal service delivery, whether delivered by public or private actors and from micro to macro level. The study focused specifically on ICT enabled social innovation initiatives
  • produce a structured approach to consistently analyse these types of initiatives in order to provide insights for their replicability and transferability
  • serve as a framework for analysing the social return on investment of initiatives whether they be policies, programmes or projects
  • to provide recommendations for how the European Commission, its various bodies and Member States could analyse in a comparable way the social impact of policy as it pertains to relevant initiatives that intend to produce positive social outcomes

This work is focused on supporting the implementation of the Social Investment Package (SIP). The SIP is an EU policy designed to prioritise social investment and the modernisation of welfare systems in order to address unemployment, poverty and social exclusion challenges and sustainability challenges posed by the ageing population trends.


The following presentations where made to the European Commission and provide a high level summary of the initial phases of the work:

2nd Experts and Stakeholders' Consultation Workshop, Brussels 24th – 25th February 2015

1st Experts and Stakeholders' Consultation Workshop, Brussels 4th November 2014

This project was run by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) of the Joint Research Centre, which is the research Directorate of the European Commission. This work started in 2014 and is scheduled to run until 2017. EngagedX undertook the scoping phase of the project in the first quarter of 2015 and is retained as external advisor to the project.

Visit the official project webpage of the Joint Research Centre here: IESI - ICT-Enabled Social Innovation (IESI in support of implementing the EU Social Investment Package.